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About us

Qingzhou chemical co., LTD30Asphalt price is reasonable,Cable widely used asphalt,At the same time production of oilfield auxiliary asphalt,And other special asphalt waterproofing asphalt,Naphthenic base vacuum residuum as raw material,The kettle type oxidation、Catalytic oxidation、Half an oxidation process,In accordance with technical standards。The company is located in one of the ancient kyushu qingzhou with a long history,Qilu petrochemical company in the west,North of shengli oilfield,Jiqing、East green high-speed and321Provincial road and across the company,The traffic is very convenient。

Our company is specialized in the production30The asphalt,Waterproofing asphalt,Oxidized asphalt,Special asphalt,Pavement crack seal glue,Manufacturer of asphalt modifier,With many years of production history and production technology,How tar processing equipments and laboratory analysis instruments,Can provide customers with superior asphalt products。

The company has heavy oil viscosity cracking、Asphalt oxidation equipment,Production30The asphalt,Asphalt materials,Hydraulic asphalt,Hard asphalt,Cable asphalt,High softening point of asphalt and other products。The company has modified asphalt equipment,Production of emulsified asphalt、Rubber asphalt、Asphalt thickening agent、Luqiao caulking asphalt etc