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        Vicom of puyang city industrial co., LTD. Was established in2000Years,Specializing in the production of cars、Motorcycle XianShuYong bellows、PVCThe hose manufacturer。The company is located in puyang city in henan province“Trade and industry demonstration zone”,The east beijing-kowloon railway,West to beijing-guangzhou railway、Beijing deep highway、Big wide high-speed,PuFan、DE shang high-speed penetration and the traffic is very convenient。
        The company covers an area of16000Square meters,The construction area8000Square meters,The total investment3600Ten thousand yuan,Main production line:Corrugated pipe production line33The article,PVCThe production line4The article.The bill、Double screw blending modification material production line2The article,Equipped with multi-function products laboratory and technology research and development center,Complete supporting facilities。Annual outputPE、PP、PA、PPGX、TPEE、GKCorrugated pipe10000Thousands of meters,Modified materials1800Tons,PVCHose800Tons,Annual sales revenue6000Ten thousand yuan,Industry in the top two。

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    • Contacts:Shen Cai
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    • The company address:He finds which town east loop section of puyang city of henan province
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    Transparent pipeWashing bellowsOrange bellowsYellow bellowsGray corrugated pipeBlue bellowsGreen corrugated pipeAll sorts of color corrugated pipePVCHosePVCHosepvcType hoseAll sorts of colorPVCHosePPCorrugated pipePPAll sorts of color corrugated pipe typePAAll sorts of color corrugated pipe typePACorrugated pipePA6Corrugated pipePPV0Type bellowsPPGType bellowsPPGXCorrugated pipeGKCorrugated pipeThe truck high bellowsProtective casingProtective casingProtective casingProtective casingProtective casingPVCTransparent granular materialPVCModified materials
    Contacts:Shen CaiAddress:He finds which town east loop section of puyang city of henan province
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    PVCHoseWhich is good?How much money supply order?Henan corrugated pipe salesHow's tha?The good faith company specializing in the spot provided at wholesale priceHenan water supply pipe、PPCorrugated pipe specification、High quality corrugated pipe and so on are of good quality products and offer,Also provide car special protective casing、Modified materials、All sorts of colorPVCHose and other related information release and news and information,Welcome your customized production!