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    • Visual art designer universal class

      Course information THE COURSE INFORMATION To learn Period:For two years(Beijing1Years+Tokyo1Years) To learn Fee:Beijing98000Yuan,Tokyo200The yen(About the yuan132086Yuan,With the visa

    • Gold-plated trip overseas travel Japan

      In this study8Days,Travel at the same time promote makeup techniques.

    • Oversea trip to milan gold-plated

      Hundreds of people education Ren Li teacher take you travel overseas,Gold-plated trip,Play at the same time,Enhance the professional technology,Broaden horizons.

    Make-up tutorial

      • Welfare is stuck·Lee teacher
      • Make-up tutorial
      • Fashion is a word,Often seen in their mouth And make-up artists always was considered to be synonymous with fashion Many people have different understanding of fashion Some people think that fashion is simple,Instead[The full text]

      • 06/2612893

      • Eye shadow、Cheek is red,
      • Make-up tutorial
      • Make up the teaching experience for many years,Let lee teacher teaching system has its own set of makeup,The most effective way of learning,From the small white to professional,The teaching environment+The makeup of actual combat+To live[The full text]

      • 04/2412898

      • Conversation international fashion week
      • Make-up tutorial
      • China international fashion week2019SSIs about to open ,In addition to the brilliant stage、Fashion designer brands、The Chinese and foreign well-known large mould!What is called the stage the audience ten years work in a minute,Perfect[The full text]

      • 09/2112887

      • high energy aler·Cosmetic industry
      • Make-up tutorial
      • Chinese portrait photography society of professional committee of the makeup modelling, vice President of、The national top ten makeup artist lee teacher disciple class in classes,It is today,Just to grilled steak a lee[The full text]

      • 09/2112907

    • 「2018Industry for excellence」——Lee

    • The first Chinese portrait photography industry makeup modelling and wedding dress industry development summit,In2018Years12Month15In guangzhou baiyun international conference center, grand opening! This second

    • [The full text]
    • 01/1812886