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 WASeries of servo motor
 WBSeries of servo motor
 ECMHigh efficiency and energy saving motor
 ECSeries motor product overview
 ECSeries motor
 YWFSeries of axial flow fan is summarized
 YWFExternal rotor axial flow fan series
 YWFExternal rotor motor series
 LXFSummary of centrifugal fan series products
 LXF Series of centrifugal fan
 YZFProducts overview
 YZFCover pole machine series
 YZFSeries with terminal machine
 YZFPlug the motor series belt
 YCFSeries capacitor motor
 YZF The air flow curve
 FAN BLADEFan blades
 GRIDShaded pole motor supporting net
 RINGThe flange
 YZF30Cover pole machine series
 YGFA series of tubular fan
 YJFProducts overview
 YJFCover pole machine series
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  Hangzhou Weiguang Electronic Co., Ltd【The stock:Light co】Is the national high and new technology enterprise、China's electronic components hundred enterprises、The shenzhen stock exchange listed company。The company has national recognition laboratory、Provincial enterprise technology center、Provincial institute,The specialty is engaged in the motor、Fan、Micro motors、Drive and controller、Robotics and automation equipment、Pump、For the development of new energy automobile parts、Production and sales。
  Company development goals for the next three years: Further solid cooler motor、Outer rotor fan、ECMIn the domestic leading position,Develop products in power、The application in the field of communication, etc;More energy efficient motors、Servo motor、Driver、Control of r&d and industrialization;Improve product quality and level,Implement product in automation、The robot、Widely used in the field of new energy vehicles, etc。
  The company long-term development goals:Keep up with the Internet of things、Big data、Cloud computing era pace of innovation,Provides the ideal solution for intelligent driver,Become one of the important service provider in the field of intelligent drive at home and abroad。
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·Do research to company municipal committee of the military and civilian integration
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·2019Company welcome conference a complete success
·The company by upgraded to the party
·The company held a New Year in tug of war
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