Anpingxian hundred ruijin genus products co., LTD

Anpingxian hundred ruijin genus products co., LTD

The main products:Fence netting、The sound barrier、Defend the net、Climbing frame network

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    Mr. Zhang
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    Hebei Hengshui Anpingxian The south ring road of hengshui, hebei anpingxian LuZhuang village in the south
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Boutique shop window
  • The stadium fence netting Stadium fence netting Stadium fence/Seine cage football
  • The manufacturer of municipal guardrail A guardrail pedestrian road traffic Facility safety barrier
  • The supply of zinc steel guardrail The median guardrail The road police
  • The barbed wire fence Galvanized stinging roll cage hulanwang cars
  • The supply of climb the net outside the building Blue plastic spraying the hoisting frame outside the building Size multiple round hole construction climbing scaffold
  • Best supply knife fence netting Prison with a barbed wire fence Galvanized stinging roll cage cars
  • The supply rail fence netting price How much money a rail fence 2012(8002)High-speed rail protective fence
  • Prison guard rail net-The prison Seine-Prison protective fence mesh-Anping best prison fence manufacturers
  • Anping best supply green fence netting-Highway guardrail net-Bilateral wire fence mesh
  • Best supply construction climbing frame network Pensu steel fence outside the building Round hole construction outside the frame network
  • Protective fence-Railway protective fence-Under the bridge rail protective fence
  • Double circle fence netting Double circle grid With ring fence netting With ring of white mesh
  • Supply high quality fall prevention network、Safety net、Bridge cast nets
  • Factory direct sale WeiDang temporary site PVCConstruction WeiDang
  • The sound barrier Highway noise barrier High quality sound barrier
  • Supply WeiDang road construction The latest quotation WeiDang How much money WeiDang
  • Protective fence mesh Protective fence mesh Rail fence
  • Wholesale temporary fence Temporary police construction Red and white construction fence
  • Supply zinc steel guardrail The fence fence Factory supply
  • Highway gelizha Network framework
  • Jinsu bilateral wire fence Highway guardrail net
  • Custom new climbing frame network Hebei climb frame manufacturers Smart climb frame network
  • The sound barrier Community noise barrier Urban noise sound barriers
  • Enclosed blue walls Sandwich board WeiDang
  • Hebei highway anti-dazzle net Anti-dazzle cars manufacturers
  • Foundation pit fence manufacturers In the foundation pit side fence Construction site safety barrier
  • Anhui highway prevention network Factory direct sale The highway cast nets
  • The shutters Kong Sheng barrier-Hebei shutter sound barriers
  • Municipal police-Zinc steel guardrail
  • Warehouse security isolation gate-Cars in the workshop
  • Factory isolation gate-The factory isolation guardrail-Cars in the workshop
  • The factory fence netting fence-Zinc steel guardrail
  • In the foundation pit edge isolation guardrail-Mud pool fencing-Foundation pit guardrail
  • Construction over the boundary fence-Construction over the boundary fence-Steel fencing foundation pit
  • Foundation pit fence product requirements-In the foundation pit side fence-Police site fence manufacturer
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Anpingxian hundred ruijin genus products co., LTD

Anpingxian hundred ruijin products co., LTD. Is in hengshui city, hebei province,Is a production-oriented fence manufacturers,Main products of the fence、Fence mesh、Isolation gate and other wire mesh products,I fence factory is located in hengshui north geographical position70Kilometers,Shijiazhuang east110Kilometers,The transportation is convenient,Logistics developed。My company produces the product is fence netting,Isolation gate,Fence mesh of metal protective material,It is mainly used for provincial roads on both sides,Highway borders and barriers in the middle、Railway line、Bridge flooring and prevent falling objects,WeiJie park、Village in the wall,Municipal isolation、Machine not isolation,The school playground、Sports venues,The airport circle boundary,The prison security,Oil border protection、Define mining product selection and area、The construction and WeiDang、Workshop warehouse isolation,Granary storage and protection,Farming grazing and planting enclosure, etc,Better protection WeiJie etc,Professional is committed to be studied、Development、Production,Sales and installation services integration of AD

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Address:Hebei Hengshui Anpingxian The south ring road of hengshui, hebei anpingxian LuZhuang village in the south A mobile phone:18333817760

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