Anshun shipping enterprise group from the container business started,Entered20Years of development,At present has become the mainly international bulk cargo transport,Set the whole comprehensive logistics、International freight forwarders、The international shipping agent such as a comprehensive enterprise group。
Anshun20Years like one day,Elaborate course,The formation of anshun characteristics。
Anshun opened Shanghai and China to southeast Asia break-bulk liner service new pattern。In Shanghai and the surrounding ports as the starting point,To the countries of southeast Asia as a safe port or garages。Satisfied because the cargo was too small to transport of small and medium-sized owners of the vessel。At the same time to ensure such as baosteel,Masteel,Wisco,Shagang group,He wowed,Sinotrans,DHLLarge customers such as foreign trade transport demand。 
Under the guidance of our success in southeast Asia,Anshun opens up Shanghai and the surrounding ports to South Korea's incheon, busan and kaohsiung keelung cargo liner route on a regular basis,Especially Taiwan routes,Has become the anshun famous brand routes in Shanghai,From2012To begin,Anshun in the course of about eighty percent of the total volume of the route in Shanghai port。
In order to better service customer demand for different routes,Anshun began to focus on developing ocean route,South America and Africa and India route is developing rapidly,Has become the advantage of ocean routes。
Based on the customer,Do the most professional integrated logistics service provider,Anshun is adhering to the principle of,Anshun more strive for in the next few years will become their development“Break-bulk the entire logistics enterprise benchmarking”。