YueYangJin he high and new technology co., LTD

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YueYangJin he high and new technology co., LTD. Was established2006Years6Month(2014Years12Month for restructuring co., LTD,And in2015Years4Month in success“The new 3 edition”Listed),Is a collection research and development、Production for the integration of production enterprises,The company registered capital2210Ten thousand yuan。Company is located in the road、Waterway、Railway transportation is very convenient, hunan yueyang green chemical industry park,Pilin sinopec changling petrochemical company and sinopec changling petrochemical company,Has obvious location advantages、Resource advantage。The company has the current domestic advanced two 6 # solvent oil deep processing device,Annual processing capacity of5Ten thousand tons,Is one of the four everybody hexane production base in China。The current production of products are industrial hexane、High-purity hexane、Vegetable oil extraction agent series products, such as hexane like in low temperature。Company and jiangnan university、Wuhan university、Beijing institute of petrochemical industry、Hunan normal university、Cofco health institutes such as universities and research institutes have extensive technical cooperation。Company existing staff33People,Including all kinds of professional and technical research and development personnel18People、Senior titles 10People(Outside)。Company is high-tech enterprises in hunan province and enterprises and new materials“Two model demonstration enterprises”。
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