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Henan central air conditioning of beauty
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Contacts:Meng manager
The ground The address:Zhengzhou ZhongMou chicken habitat international industrial park road east11-D
The electricity  Words:15303827817
The electricity  Words:18137777379
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    The United States of central air conditioning,Since1999Since the beginning of this industry,Ten years of development has become a domestic central air-conditioning manufacturers the most complete enterprise category。Main types:LSeries centrifugal chiller、CSeries screw water chiller、Full liquid type screw water chillers, etc。In entrepreneurship1968Years of midea group,Is a mainly industry,Involved in real estate、Logistics in the areas of large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise group,Owns two listed companies four big industry group,China is the largest white goods production base and export base。1980Years,Officially entered the industry of beauty;1981Years begin to use brand of beauty。At present,Midea group employees8Ten thousand people,Have a beautiful、Welling and so on more than ten brands。
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