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     Huaxian county enjoys xin feng food factory was founded in 1983,There have been more than 30 years of business history,Especially our engineers carefully developed series of flour machine,Flour machinery,Stone mill flour machine,Flour processing equipment,Corn processing equipment,Millet processing equipment,Coarse grain processing equipment such as food processing equipment,Walk in the forefront of the industry,Products are sold to over 20 provinces、The city、Autonomous region,And exported to Russia and other countries and regions,Welcome by the masses of users!We produce complete flour mill and maize processing equipment,The craft is advanced,Simple room requirements,The machine has compact structure,Convenient operation and maintenance,The installation time is shorter,Timely after-sales service,Combined with high yield、Quality、Low power consumption、Low noise, and many other advantages,To produce TeYiFen、TeEr powder、Special powder、Granular powder、BiaoZhunFen met, etcGB1355-86A standard to ask。Facing the new century,Looking forward to a new future...

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