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Fire doors magnetic switch(Explosion proof type)
  • Guangzhou university city fire door monitoring system commissioning completion of this project,No problem:Monitor project installed the fire door、Monitoring extension、Fire control module、Explosion-proof door magnetic switch、The electric door closer and other products,Just finished debugging,Can be used normally。Thank you for Jin Han factory technician to guide and support。

    Gansu province is fast32016-07-19 15:59:16

    A reply:Provide you with professional service is our duty,Thank you for using our products。

  • Guangzhou Asia international hotel fire construction units:PurchasesGHL-300Type wall type electromagnetic release all installed,Easy installation,Good pick up line does not need to debug can use。Product appearance is very high-grade、And beautiful。

    Gansu province is fast32016-07-19 15:52:32

    A reply:Thank you for uploading images,Product feature is good,It can also be chain short,Doors open Angle is bigger。

  • Wuxi commercial district in chongqing project:Gansu province is fast3Fire door monitoring system installation、Debugging is done,Multiple tests,Easy operation and stable performance。Thanks to assist installation manufacturer Chen Gong on site、Debugging!Thank you Jin Han company!

    2016-05-07 21:38:45

    A reply:Provide you with professional service is our duty,Thank you for using our products。

  • Foshan**New city fire door monitor installed:Gansu province is fast3Fire door Jin Han force monitor installed,Under the guidance of factory technician,After debugging,Only fire acceptance, etc。

    2016-04-20 13:28:52

    A reply:Thank you for your picture。

  • **Installation company(Guangzhou west tower friendship store area):Gansu province is fast3Ok,On the stainless steel fire door with tall tall stainless steel door to escape,Very collocation is very high-end。The installation of the master and escape lock products for us a thumb up!

    Gansu province is fast32016-03-31 20:51:36

    A reply:Thank you for your thumb up,Also install master point for your assist,To make our products on the tall。


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    Guangzhou Jin Han fire equipment co., LTD. Is located in guangzhou city nearest tianhe Ban long industrial zone,Is one specialized is engaged in the fire escape control system、Security technology to guard against product、Emergency rescue equipment and fire building materials technology development、Application of manufacturing、The sales...

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