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 Panasonic battery(Shenyang)Co., LTD(PSBS),By matsushita electric industrial co., LTD and shenyang northeast battery co., LTD(The original battery factory in shenyang)Jointly invested,The registered capital145,000The yen,Cover an area of an area62,500Square meters。
    Panasonic battery sales network:18600046776----13910604451
【China In the north】The general agent of direct selling in Beijing Tianjin In hebei province In Shanxi Province Inner Mongolia
【In the east In the north】The general agent of direct selling in liaoning province Jilin province Heilongjiang province
【China In the east】The general agent of direct selling in Shanghai In jiangsu province Zhejiang province In anhui province Fujian province In jiangxi province In shandong province
【In the In the south】The general agent of direct selling in henan province In hubei province Hunan province Guangdong province Guangxi province Hainan province
【In the west In the south】Chongqing general agent of direct selling Sichuan province In guizhou province In yunnan province Tibet
【In the west In the north】The general agent of direct selling in shaanxi province Gansu province Qinghai province Ningxia Xinjiang
New company2015Preferential policies:Panasonic battery products,One-time purchase more than ten enjoyment of each piece8Discount price,And to provide domestic delivery free of charge


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CLP chi heng(Beijing)Science and technology co., LTD
The phone:010-56277155
The mailbox:ups368@163.com 
Contact address:Beijing haidian district suzhou street river zhuang yuan
Panasonic battery(Shenyang)Co., LTD., designated dealers

·Panasonic battery in the cause of the short circuit
·Panasonic battery wall will listed in a second
·Numerical analysis of panasonic battery operation
·Panasonic battery to improve the operation method
·If you want to panasonic battery service life is long will pay attention to maintenance
·Reasonable and effective maintenance of panasonic battery
·Panasonic battery maintenance experience
·Panasonic battery out anti-counterfeiting query
·Panasonic battery service life long
·Severe power shortage will cause the panasonic battery life shortened
LC-PH12500/12V150AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-P12120|12V120AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-P12100ST|12V100AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-P1265|12V65AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-P1242|12V42AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-P1238|12V38AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-P1228|12V28AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-P1224|12V24AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-PD1217|12V17AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-PD1217|12V17AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
LC-PA1216|12V16AH Panasonic(Panasonic)
·What are the panasonic battery popular reason
·ShenyangHow panasonic battery safety performance
·ShenyangPanasonic battery12V-65AHThe latest quotation for615...
·Panasonic battery inspection methods
·Panasonic battery using time and environment?
·The importance of high quality panasonic battery
·Panasonic battery is worth we choose good brand
·Panasonic battery to below zero40Low temperature environment of battery
·Panasonic battery repair what matters need attention in the process
·How to check the panasonic battery
·Panasonic battery12V-100AHThe latest quotation for80...
·Haikou panasonic battery quotation,Supply of product promotion
·Nanning panasonic battery price,Supply of product promotion
·Zhuhai panasonic battery website supply product promotion
·Guangzhou panasonic battery website supply product promotion
·Shenzhen panasonicpanasonicBattery supply product promotion
 LC-PSeries  | LC-PHSeries  | LC-QASeries
 LC-P127R2   LC-PH12500    LC-QA1224
 LC-PA1212   LC-PH12700    LC-QA1242
 LC-PD1217  LC-PH1270     LC-QA1270
 LC-P1224   LC-PH12105    LC-QA12110
 LC-P1238    LC-PH12150    LC-QA12150
 LC-P1265    LC-PH12200    LC-QA12200
 LC-P12100   LC-PH12260    LC-QA12220
 LC-P12120   LC-PH12320   
 LC-P12150   LC-PH12375   
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CLP chi heng(Beijing)Science and technology co., LTD
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