20Years of experience in education Make you worry

Advantages of teachers

Detailed case teaching

Admissions service

Success has no holes

Your nook The world Statue of educationAre in place

According to the stage of teaching At different stages Different courses

With process effect,The effect of the conquest of parents

Training process visualization Let parents everyday witness effect

Comply with the basic national policy,The road of education is more and more wide

《The compulsory education law of the People's Republic of China》:
Compulsory education must implement the national education policy,
The implementation of quality education!

Four ministries《About lightens the burden of primary and middle school students' extracurricular
Conduct training institutions outside special management action to inform》(2018.2)

And learning ability
Focus on learning ability education

How much of the academic popular at that time not gone。The same notice,Once again to promote quality education。The high quality,Still can have good grades。

System support,Let you zero risk,Sure win”
Strong support as a solid backing

        Statue of education focus on primary and middle school students and young children quality education、Learning ability training20Years,Has a mature teaching materials and curriculum system of teaching plans,And trained more than ten thousand professional teachers,All over the country,Has a lot of teacher resources。And the mission of education is:

For millions of parents on the road to success,Let three hundred million Chinese children learning to learn

What's the relationship between quality education and learning ability?


        The meaning of quality education is very broad,Under the exam-oriented education background,For primary and middle school students,The core of the quality is the ability to learn,The stronger the ability to learn,The higher the learning efficiency,The better the results。A high quality of children,Must be a good result of children。So,We do quality education is a special emphasis on learning ability,This is our characteristics。

Your project,
How big is the market?


        Our market depends on the three premises:The first,National policy。《The compulsory education law of the People's Republic of China》Make clear a regulation,Compulsory education must implement the national education policy,The implementation of quality education。National policy unchanged,Quality education is。In the second,Exam-oriented education。If admitted to the university entrance exam scores as the basis,The quality education、The ability to learn there is market。In the third,The development of life。People in the pursuit of happiness and high achievement is established on the basis of high quality;“Never too old,Too old to learn”To adapt to the development of the society。So,Quality education and learning ability is every child refused to lack of education and skills,The market foreground is broad and long term。

I don't have education institutions,
You can join it?


        You can,We have a comprehensive teacher training system,A complete curriculum system,Have do one-on-one support operation supervision。You must have the appropriate personnel to participate in the study,Meet the requirements after can preparation on campus。

You can join us
Your individual program?


        You can,According to your requirements,You can choose to join a course,Can do single course open markets first,Also can be used to supplement your existing institutions of course。

City agencies have already joined,I can also join?


        This several ways:One is our project on campus as the center,Fangyuan radius3Km for regional protection range,Protection condition and is at the county level administrative regions,Bigger cities and provincial capital cities in most areas on the scope of protection。

Since then,I don't know the specific how to operate,What kind of support do you have?


        Before joining,We will analyze your resources,Allow you to choose the suitable for your project。Since then,We first to train your teachers,We will provide you with specific advertising copywriter、Enrollment mode、Teaching management、Service and so on a series of concreteness。Our purpose is to let each joining partner can really put the quality education and ability to learn to do it。

Do you offer teacher training,How long is the training?All training content?


        According to the different project of you to join in,Training time is also different。After you join,Can send the teacher to headquarters to attend2——16Days of training。Later can also take part in training、Upgrading training, etc。The content of the training including course content、Teaching methods and admissions、Management, etc。

Online support
What is content?


        Online support mainly refers to the guidance of teacher,Teachers teaching in confusion,Headquarter experts can through the online guide,The answer,To improve the teacher's professional knowledge and teaching skills。

Do you have
Unified teaching plan?


        In order to guarantee the teaching effect,We write to each join the project very detailed lesson plan,The teacher after attending the headquarters system training,Can according to the unified teaching lesson plans to teach。

In parents' training,
Do you have any support?


        We are very clear,As long as the parents training,The child training more easily。So,For parents, we also have professional family education seminars and parent-child education curriculum system。We can according to the different project and different purpose of you to join in,Provide different theme lectures on family education。Can also give parents of long-term training system。We have to open“Family education senior lecturer”And the course“Parent-child communication trainers”Courses,You also can send the teacher learning to headquarters,After return,Training in your organization to parents。

These students training courses,How can let parents to see
The effect?


        Effect is to project the assurance of life,Some courses in the process of training or after can examine the effects of training,Such as memory、The whole brain speed reading courses;Some of the courses is not immediately see the effect,Such as learning ability、Attention、Emotional intelligence、Mind mapping course, etc,In order to let the parents at ease,Have confidence in our training,We design the process to show,Let the parents see the child every course learning outcomes,See children every course,Meet the parents expectations of children。

Do you offer
Are there any authority certificate?


        We offer is the national professional qualification certificate training certificate for the identification of experimental base,National vocational qualification training appraisal experiment base is the state of human resources and social security comprehensive professional standards development organizations,The certificate is can check it on the website。

Your course
What are some of the characteristics?


        Our course is not impart knowledge,But the training ability,Really improve the quality and ability of children,So,Interesting、Interactivity、Experience、Interoperability、Practicality is the common characteristics of our curriculum。

High quality teachers,Professional counseling,For you to win more students!

Managerial experience,To ensure the teaching quality is stable!

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