• The ground The address:Jiashan industrial district of tianjin city in hunan longgang avenue
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  •   The company is located in jiashan industrial new longgang road of tianjin city in hunan province,Close to lishui river and two wide high speed。Since the company2001Years9Since its establishment,In order to“Concentration of excellence,Perfect sublimation”The management idea,Committed to auto parts manufacturing,The annual sales income9000Ten thousand yuan,Is the automotive industry associations and Chambers of commerce of hunan province governing units。Dongfeng no.2、The focus of the axle of jingzhou big companies such as supporting units。2004Years passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。  Company's existing assets6000Ten thousand yuan,The land area3.15Million square meters,Has a modern plant area1.6Million square meters。Company existing staff,160People,The technical personnel12People。In processing the automotive axle tube60Ten thousand only,Reinforcing ring50Ten thousand only,Boxing30Ten thousand only,Production all use CNC automatic production line,And equipped with advanced quality testing equipment。  The company has strong production strength,Superb r&d team and scientific management,There are large areas of modern chemical plant and beautiful gardens,Fully capable of research and development according to your demand、Design and production of automotive axle tube、Automobile wheel hub、Strengthen the car accessories such as ring and boxing。Your demand is our eternal pursuit,I

      ∷About the service∷
      We have been striving for is customer satisfaction。
      Sincere cooperation,ZhangShouXin。
      Give me the order,To your satisfaction。
      A win-win agreement,Miho commitment。
      Keep pace with The Times,For the future。

      ∷About culture∷
      It is simple to enterprise culture,This is in developing coordination“Enterprise”And“People”The relationship between,The implementation approach is“Innovation”With“Diligence”。
      Paying attention to: The progress of the enterprise!
      The progress of the country! The progress of The Times!

      ∷About the quality∷
      Quality,Is the essence of the enterprise
      Quality,Is the soul of the enterprise
      Quality,Is the life of the enterprise
      Quality,Are all part of the enterprise

      ∷On the network∷
      Supply、Production、Exports and domestic sales chain is set up to maintain the operation of the enterprise life,The company is very pay attention to the connection between the various points and maintenance,To form an efficient and smooth operation network。
      Raw material supply network Product output mesh