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About us  Foshan city large-scale building materials co., LTD,Is a new environmental protection building materialsResearch and developmentProductionSalesThe constructionDiversified development of high and new science and technology enterprise at an organic whole,Division has made large-scale industrial coatings,Large-scale ground level ground engineering division,Set rings building hardware materials division,Set rings construction engineering group。One of them,“Set rings floor”In the environmental protection new material industry、Industrial floor industry、Industrial anti-corrosion industry enjoys a high reputation,Specializing in new environmental protection building materials including workshop floor paint,Workshop floor lacquer,Guangzhou epoxy floor paint,Foshan epoxy floor paint,The anti-corrosion floor,Seal curing agent floor,Parking lot floor paint,Stadium floor paint, etc。

       The companyIn order to“Tree top character,Do the top floor”For the enterprise concept;With excellent product quality,Preferential prices,High quality after-sales service and good reputation...

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