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Release new epsonB2CStrategy, and

2019-09-19 -Clicks:147 -
In recent days,Epson has released newB2CStrategies and solutions,To further enhance cooperation with the domestic top partners,For the majority of consumers to bring more pleasure“Pure intellectual life”。Epson“Pure wisdom”As the road“Intelligent”Its popularity,Such as...

Huawei overall computing strategy for the first time

2019-09-19 -Clicks:81 -
9Month18Day,In the fourth all join meeting,Huawei's first release computing industry strategy,And promoted the fastest in the worldAITraining in the clusterAtlas900,Preemption of intelligent computing new blue ocean。Intelligent computing in the age of three characteristics of huawei vice chairman Hu Hou power spoke first...

iPhone 11Have been arrived at the warehouse:

2019-09-19 -Clicks:56 -
Since9Month13Sunday night20Points,iPhone11Series officially open to booking today,The first part of the first booking order subscribers has you can see in the order record tracking,Update order to prepare for the delivery status。Media reports,The appleiPhone11AndiPhone11ProNow...

The wallet a tight!Buy in the worldiPhone

2019-09-19 -Clicks:119 -
The apple2019New handsets released has been nearly a week,Fans order a success?You is to choose the payment by installments,Or one-time pay off?You know this year's apples also have cheap compared with the previous generation nearly1000Yuan,And the website each big platform has preferential benefits...

The world's first TSMC announced that research and development

2019-09-19 -Clicks:74 -
In the opening innovation BBS meeting today,TSMC, head of research and development、Technology research, deputy general manager of Philip wong in addition to semiconductor process continue to discuss the future0.1nmThe possibility of outside,Also announced an important message——TSMC has already started2nmTechnology research and development,In advance...

Huawei officially released a new server

2019-09-19 -Clicks:69 -
9Month19Is ShanghaiHUAWEICONNECTThe second day of the whole link convention,Huawei huawei intelligent computing today, President Ma Haixu published《Innovation is the strongest force for the world》Keynote speech,And announced that huawei to provide the world's strongest force。Letters mohair...

Logitech2019In the world“Design

2019-09-19 -Clicks:133 -
In recent days,Throughout the year《FastCompany》Magazine2019In design innovation enterprises in the list,Logitech is evaluated“The world's most influential companies design field”One of the。This is the second time the logitechFastCompanyInnovation,At the same time the winning companies, and Microsoft、Ni...

Why oreos cameras

2019-09-19 -Clicks:63 -
Actually about this kind of design is most say that nokia,It is the first circular design in the field of brand as a whole。A lot about this machine80Even after70The most impressive. After ma。Don't but good camera design its pictures better,When...

TorchwoodRemote control“Mix

2019-09-19 -Clicks:108 -
In the near future,360Safety monitoring brain to a large number of remote control the spread of the Trojan horse,After in-depth analysis,Found that the Trojan horse is“Torchwood”A new variety of the remote control Trojan。Once the Trojan download website、Mail and fishingQQGroup of methods such as transmission,Have been360Security whole brain...

Science and technology calls:MilletMIX4Security measures

2019-09-19 -Clicks:105 -
Knowledge grid:MilletMIX4Security measures more carefully,From the perspective of the supply chain to guess what upgrade letters of electric news for millet pressure box bottom and true flagship product,MilletMIXHas always been rice noodles and consumers。From the milletMIXStunned by the first generation...