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15In quality assurance Let us focus on more professional


Choose Qian Lin automatic calling distributor four reasons

15Years of research and development focus on the automatic calling distributor、Production、Sales、Service in a body
Chinese automatic calling distributor of professional production services

Has its own factory、2The mass production base,100A number of high-quality research and development、Production personnel

Has experienced production team,Products are widely applied toGovernment agencies、Administrative units、The bank、The hospitalAnd so on

All products through the national quality inspection center testing,And won the Chinese national patents

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Qian Lin automatic calling distributor the four major advantages of the brandStrict production system、Professional r&d team,Thoughtful after-sales service,Worth your trust

Enterprise management advantages:A sound management structure、Perfect promotion system,Provide enterprises with constant power

The scale of production advantages:With large-scale production base,Production capacity ranks industry before3Armor

Technology innovation advantage:Strong technical accumulation,A high standard of research and development team,Continuously promote product innovation service

Product\/service advantage:Complete product line,A variety of products to choose,Strict service system,Provide high quality service guarantee

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Brand products、Strictly controlled,To ensure that each machine is qualified productsProduct variety。Good quality,Quality guaranteed

Custom human nature:You only need a telephone call,We will provide you with suitable products free solution,Let me
You spend the least money,To achieve the ideal effect

Quality inspection system:With perfect quality inspection system,Have a professional qc inspectors strictly controlled,Products through strict inspection

Queue management system:Improve the efficiency of enterprise operation,Reduces the operating costs,Improve the service quality and management level

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Qian Lin24Hours360°Support,Solve all the problems of installation and useDo ten thousand users,Making ten thousand friends,Worth your trust

From the early stage of the project plan、Product production、Transportation、Install the whole fix it for you

Pre-sale:Will provide you with a reasonable product solutions,Don't let you take one more point

Sale:Provide the production of the products、Transportation、Installation of one-stop services, etc

After sales:24Hours after-sales service online,The first time to solve your confusion

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