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The characteristics of the die climbing frame fence

Climbing frame fence--The characteristics of the climbing form: Also called ascension aircraft climb,According to its climb the net can be divided into the hydraulic power source、Dynamic、Main categories of human hand pull...


Climbing frame network is essentially in internal operations

The difficulty of the aerial work is to improve the working people,And that this way bring to people's other effects,Because it is the way is to let...


Climbing frame net install fasteners in question

Climbing frame net install fasteners5A problem:1、When installed on the surface of the climbing frame net fasteners and installation site requirements?If it climb net fasteners with iron...


Several kinds of common climbing frame net material,Building

The birth of the climbing frame network,Can be said to be for a lot of construction workers are all very happy,Because in2017In the past time,In the construction site,We can be...


Install climb frame network makes the construction more safe

In the past using scaffolding construction is very unsafe,New type of climbing frame network is integrated the box body,Can be used in all kinds of high-rise building group,Climb the overall adopts full steel frame network...


Integrated climb the net with the ordinary difference?

Suitable for integrated climbing frame network45Meters above the building main body,Can be applied to all kinds of structure main body,Climbing frame network adopts whole steel structure as a whole,With integrated equipment...

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