Fujian xiamen xiamen diving engineering co., LTD

Xiamen Xiamin diving Engineering Co.,Ltd

Now the fujian xiamen xiamen diving engineering co., LTDCDSA-Standing director unit of China diving salvage industry association,ADCI-Member of international association of diving contractors,To obtain:CDSA-Diving service ability and the certificate of credit evaluation rating(Level 2)And diving safety certificate、NK-Underwater inspection qualification certificate、CCS-The service supplier approval certificate, etc......

Equipment and facilities


The company is equipped with:Diving air supply system、Dive deck decompression chamber system、Diving sling the system、Diving air distributor、Diving apparatus、Underwater cutting system、Underwater welding system、Underwater hydraulic system、Underwater video system、Underwater potentiometer、Underwater thickness gauge and a sand pump, etc......

About us


The company formerly known as the ministry of communications Shanghai bureau of xiamen rescue station construction team。The original construction team of contract joint venture the fujian xiamen xiamen diving engineering co., LTD,Shanghai bureau and the ministry of communications engineering ships fujian office established cooperation and mutual assistance、Complementary advantages、Good for the development of win-win cooperation relationship。After more than 10 years of hard work,Has now become a fujian......
Two fusion approach
Lean management,High-quality service;Resource sharing,Integration development。
The quality policy
Scientific management,High-quality service;Continuous improvement,The customer is supreme。
Environment policy
Improve the environmental awareness,Follow the environmental regulations,Prevent environmental pollution,Improving the quality of environment。
Safety policy
To improve safety awareness,Follow the safety regulations,Keep a safety accident,Prevention of occupational hazards。

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Fujian xiamen xiamen diving engineering co., LTD


Fujian xiamen xiamen diving engineering co., LTD

Fujian xiamen xiamen diving engineering co., LTD. Is the worry、The divers、Service gratified......