Laiwu city futian suye co., LTD. Is located in laiwu city economic development zone is a water-saving irrigation industry company。Our main products are:Within the set type drip irrigation pipe、Drip irrigation belt、Pressure compensation type head、Nozzle、Current stabilizer such as all kinds of water-saving irrigation equipment and filter、The inverter、Filtering fertilization、Radio frequency management equipment,And supporting the production of various specificationsPVC、PESteel tubes、Pipe fittings;The company mainly to undertake field crops、The fruit trees、Flowers、The nursery、The lawn and greenhouse greenhouse sprinkler irrigation、Micro-irrigation、Drip irrigation and other engineering design and construction,At the same time provide all kinds of form a complete set of equipment and technical services,And installation on site。 Laiwu city adhering to fukuda suye co., LTD“The customer is supreme,Forge ahead”The management idea,Stick to it“The customer give priority to”The principle for the general customers to provide quality services。Company is willing to advanced technology、Excellent product,The price of it、Satisfactory services,Look forward to sincere cooperation with you,To create a good future of water-saving irrigation in our country! Laiwu city fukuda suye co., LTD. Welcome customers to patronize,The guidance work。    ... [In more detail]