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Years of manufacturing experience,Industry leader!
The company was established in2003Years,More than a decade of manufacturers of plastic products!Plant accounted for
Land area5000Square meters.The construction area8000Square meters.Is guangdong province
The most powerful manufacturers of plastic products。
Advanced production equipment
His plastic own have26Blow molding equipment,5Sets of injection molding equipment!Color matching
The door、Mold shop、The production workshop、Screen printing sector、Assembly department、From design to
Production to packaging to provide one-stop service!
The broad customer base
The company provides clients with short delivery、Low cost of products and services!The customer
All are well-known enterprise,Including:Wal-mart,The poem's,M to victims,The thatched cottage, etc
Well-known enterprise。And rated as excellent supplier by customers for many times!
A strong r&d team
Good son plastic has a dozen people independent research and development team、At the core of industry technology。The product style is complete variety!Adopt imported production equipment,Production capacity is strong,Delivery speed is fast!
Quality assurance,The international advanced
His plastic grab from the source,Use avirulent environmental protection high quality raw materials,Ensure product of green environmental protection engineers skilled,In blow molding industry for more than ten years,Have rich experience blow molding。Product quality than other products more advantages。
Level of perfect after-sale service system
Good exposure to provide you with good before、Sale、After-sales service,7*24HoursOnline services,Provide professional guidance and consultancy services to our customers,And provide the professional solution.

The service is good,Trustworthy
Thereof his company was the first4Years,Give me a sense of can be used8A word to describe"Quality assurance,Home service"Every cooperation makes me very satisfied.Is worth to recommend!

His production ability,Delivery speed is fast!
Every order they'll send someone to our company to communicate the design of the product,Production capacity is strong,Production of the goods time is short,So,I've been assured to cooperate with them!

Blow molding products are of good quality,Design is beautiful!
Good exposure to provide us with cosmetic containers have been6Years,Good son plastic from design to production to packaging to provide one-stop service for us,Our products are favored by consumers!

Good full service let me very satisfied
Always keep a long-term good cooperation relationship with good exposure,His boss very pay attention to integrity,And all the price is very reasonable,Service attitude is very good also,I'm looking forward to the next cooperation!

About us

  Jia son plastic products co., LTD. Was established in dongguan2003Years,Is located in"World manufacturing factory"Dongguan city in guangdong province.Factory covers an area of5000Square meters.The construction area8000Square meters.His company for many years fall in love to fully committed to the development and the development of blow molding products,Have strong ability of independent development innovation。Blow molding equipment,Injection molding equipment,Screen printing equipment,From soup to nuts,With hundreds of blow molding products, manufacture of moulds,And integrate the attention SuChang、Mechanical processing factory equipment and production resources,Is guangdong province's most powerful manufacturers of plastic products……[+More and more]
Dongguan city jia son plastic products co., LTD
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