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Qidong city hua ding hot melt adhesive co., LTD

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The company address:Jiangsu qidong binjiang(Basin)Fine chemical industry park

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  Qidong city hua ding hot melt adhesive co., LTD., founded in the early ninety s,Is the production of lining cloth with hot melt adhesive: Copolyesters(COPES)、A total of polyamide(COPA)Professional manufacturers.
Products used in all kinds of coating process(Powder、Pulp、Two point、Cold point powder and powder)The lining cloth production, Widely used in all kinds of fabric and fabric glue,Strong adhesion and excellent washing resistance。

Qidong city hua ding hot melt adhesive co., LTD is located in the Yangtze river delta of qidong binjiang fine chemical industry park, With the international metropolis Shanghai,The traffic is very convenient。
Built“Aggregation、Cryogenic grinding、Vacuum drying、Screen、To cooperate”Such as composition of the processPES(Polyester)Hot melt adhesive powder production lines, Annual production of hot melt adhesive capacity1500Tons。

Qidong Huading Clothing supplementary material Co.,Ltd found in the beginning of the 90's,specialy product the lining cloth with to melt rubber PES hotly:Copolyester(COPES)、CopolyamideCOPA) .The product can be suitable each kind spreads the cloth craft (powder spot, thick liquid, two point, Leng Fen and dusting),widely uses in each kind of fabric and the non-fabric agglutination, has the strong agglutination effect and fine stands washing the performance.

Product categories
 Copolyesters COPES
 A total of polyamide COPAA)